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Personalized service by professional partners

Simply different - simply better.

This is c3 - Cramm Car Concept's motto! Whether you are a garage, car dealership or private customer, it is important to us to develop a personalized and long-term working relationship with you. This is our guiding principle.

Car repairs are a matter of trust...

This is the reason why your customer turns to you. In the same way we would like you to feel at home with us. Essentially, we are there for you. You can always count on us, not just during a repair in progress: We are your specialist partners at all times. Together, we clarify any remaining questions, with no ifs and buts.

Day after day we make every endeavour to ensure you and your customers are completely satisfied with our service.
Simply different - simply better.


General Management



Oliver CrammOliver Cramm

fon: +49 5374 92333-0
fax: +49 5374 92333-99




Assistant to the management



Catrin ClausenCatrin Clausen

fon: +49 5374 92333-90
fax: +49 5374 92333-99



Claudia HillmannClaudia Hillmann

fon: +49 5374 92333-91
fax: +49 5374 92333-99







Heidi GrundmannHeidi Grundmann

fon: +49 5374 92333-89
fax: +49 5374 92333-99



Technical Management



Karl MillerKarl Miller
Technical Manager

fon: +49 5374 92333-0
fax: +49 5374 92333-99




Team Technology



Bennet MohrmannBennet Mohrmann

fon: +49 5374 92333-0
fax: +49 5374 92333-99



Artur KonuschNils Kunze

fon: +49 5374 92333-0
fax: +49 5374 92333-99




FAP Cleaning



Artur KonuschGerhard Rexhausen

fon: +49 5374 92333-0
fax: +49 5374 92333-99



Time frame for orders

We guarantee same day pickup for orders received before 15:00h on workdays.